Conference in Columbia

I am enjoying a fantastic time at the OCC ISMST event in Bogotá with new and old friends.

Thank you, CARLOS LEAL, for inviting me to your home, clinic, and the congress, allowing me to speak for more than 300 participants on ESWT in erectile dysfunction and Peyronies disease.

It was a distinguished honor to address so many people with the vital message of how to handle ED, with ESWT and EMTT.

Such an amazing week.

Why and how does ESWT work for Erectile dysfunction?

ESWT effects: Mechanosensors, Neoangiogenesis, Activation of progenitor cells, Improving microcirculation, Nerve regeneration, Remodeling of erectile tissue, Reducing inflammatory and cellular stress responses.

Positive studies:

LI-ESWT is safe and effective for treating ED in PDE5I-R and PDE5I-NR groups. (Vinarov, 2019)

LIESWT can improve sexual and erectile function in patients with ED after RARP.
LIESWT may be a new option for penile rehabilitation (Hinati, 2023)

The IIEF-5 score and EHS improved in patients who underwent the procedure, with results maintained at 12 months of FU. (Cocci, 2023)

Differences regarding the EFD
Increasing energies may yield better results  (Porst, 2020)

57% of the men who suffered from erectile dysfunction had an effect from LI-ESWT 5 treatment (Lund, 2013)

What to be aware of:
Li-ESWT is a valid but often short-lived treatment option for ED, especially in men with cardiovascular risk factors or controlled hypertension. (Sikic, 2022)

ESWT for erectile dysfunction works for both vascular and neurogenic conditions, but lifestyle, comorbidities, and medication need to be taken into account for the total solution, which can include:

Intensity / Sessions depending on severity
Nutritional supplements
Pelvic floor exercise
Smoking/alcohol reduction
Psychology approach/education

The results will be similar to the client's tissue quality and motivation to work hard to change the lifestyle.

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