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Effective treatment of Peyronie’s disease without surgery

When you meet me in the clinic, you’re in safe hands. I specialize in focused shockwave and EMTT treatment for Peyronie’s disease and erectile dysfunction and am an internationally recognized expert. I help you reduce your curvature, discomfort and any pain you may be experiencing, so you can regain a high quality of life and function in sexual activity. With my treatment concept, I generally see a reduction of more than 34% in symptoms and discomfort, and up to a 50% reduction in curvature within the first 3 months of treatment, in a process that can take up to a year before all processes and the final result is achieved.

You will regain some of the lost length and fullness of the penis and get a straighter penis with shockwave and EMTT treatment. Therefore, an uncomfortable surgery is NOT necessary as a first choice. Watch the short video below for a short and simple explanation of peyronies and treatment, or you can read in more detail about everything you need to know about peyronies, treatment and examination at the bottom of the page.

The first time you come, I will do a series of detailed ultrasound scans to find the specific cause of the curvature (there can be 3 different ones). The scan will form the basis for further treatment and which of the 4 different types of focused shockwave I choose to give you the best result.

This expanded concept of choice is not seen anywhere else in the Nordic countries, which is why men of all ages from all over the Nordic region come in daily for peyronies treatment.

Effective treatment of Peyronie’s disease by international specialist

A normal course of treatment will usually consist of 8-12 treatments with high-intensity focused shockwave and EMTT guided by ultrasound scanning, supplemented with home exercises that I help you get started with.

In the initial phase of peyronies, when plaque and fibrosis are not fully developed, we have a great opportunity to significantly limit scar tissue formation to avoid or reduce the problem in the long run. Once the scar tissue and fibrosis has formed, it requires higher intensity and more advanced equipment, which I am one of the few in the Nordic region to have. So the closer we start with initial symptoms, the easier it is to tackle the problem.

My focus since 2017 has been on effective solutions for men who want better function for erectile dysfunction and peyronies, having previously completed the concept from prof. Lars Lund. at OUH. As part of an international group of experts, including Dr. Motil and Prof. Motil. Rassweiler, I have developed a more powerful and efficient setup than what is currently offered at OUH.

The clinic is located 3 km from Copenhagen Airport and can be reached by Metro to Lergravsparkens station in less than 20 minutes.

FAQ about Peyronie’s disease

When you come in for your first consultation, I will go in-depth about the entire issue, both with physical and psychological impacts. The first consultation is structured as follows.

  1. A thorough screening of the degree of curvature, physical and mental health and your medical history and any impact on your erectile function
  2. We perform a high-quality ultrasound scan to determine the size of the fibrosis/plaque (the ball/strand you feel).
  3. We identify your expectations for the treatment and what level we expect to be able to move you to, based on the results of the examination.
  4. Advanced body composition measurement and screening of body balance and health with the Inbody770 system. Read more below.
  5. You will receive the first treatment with shockwave and EMTT if you wish to start the treatment, where you will be instructed in home exercises to do between treatments to ensure a good result.

When starting treatment, it may be beneficial to bring a photo of the erect penis to show the location of the curvature. This allows us to better target the treatment. Otherwise, I also have a dummy so you can show me exactly what the penis looks like if you feel uncomfortable taking a picture.

I will go in-depth to ensure that I can implement the right treatment strategy to help you regain quality in your sex life. The treatment and examination is performed by one of Denmark’s leading experts in urological shockwave treatment and I am also a member of The International Society for Sexual Medicine.

The focused shockwave treatment, also known as ESWT (Extracorporeal ShockWave Therapy). This is done by “shooting” high-frequency sound waves into the fibrosis/plaque area via an application head. This changes the biological processes around the “sphere” itself so that it breaks down into a less solid form. This means that when we affect the plaque area during the treatment process, it will be broken down into smaller pieces, reducing the curvature.

The processes set in motion can be enhanced by therapies such as stretching exercises, vacuum therapy and the use of penile traction devices can help to correct the curvature or bending. You will be guided through this when you arrive for your treatment.

In particular, the biological processes of collagen conversion, stem cell release, cell communication and blood vessel formation are the reasons why we can use shockwave effectively for peyronie’s. When we combine with EMTT, it’s because it has an increased overall stimulation, which makes the tissue more elastic and flexible. There are no other clinics offering this combination treatment in Denmark. When the tissue is stiff, it also increases curvature and in some cases can result in a shortened penis.

The treatment itself involves applying a gel to the penis where the fibrosis is located, and I then shoot a series of impulses into the tissue, depending on what I have identified on the ultrasound scan. The treatment may feel like pins and needles. In rare cases, a slight soreness may be felt after treatment. You can use your penis as normal throughout the treatment.

The treatment of peyronie’s aims to relieve symptoms, prevent further progression of the condition and improve sexual function. Treatment options may include medication, therapy, surgery or a combination of these. Medications can be used to reduce pain and prevent further plaque formation, however, these are not used in the UK.


In order to determine the degree of fibrosis/plaque, it is necessary to perform an ultrasound scan, it is not enough to “just” feel. This also ensures that we hit the right area for the subsequent shockwave treatment. Ultrasound scanning for peyronie’s is only offered by a few clinics in Denmark, so I have extensive experience and knowledge in detecting fibrosis/plaque in the penis. It can also identify whether it’s the connective tissue that’s tight, which is what predicts the problem. Without an ultrasound scan, it will be very difficult to choose the specific protocol, as well as to give a prognosis on the course of treatment and the subsequent outcome. I’ll help you understand this when we do the scan. Here are some examples of different sizes of penile fibrosis.

Ultrasound scanning peyronie's diseaseUltrasound scan fibrosis PeyroniesUltrasound scan fibrosis peyronie's diseaseUltrasound scan fibrosis peyronie's disease

A normal course of treatment lasts 8-12 weeks, with 1 weekly shockwave treatment, where we perform a series of shockwave pulses in the area where the hard “ball/string” is located. We supplement with EMTT to increase the elasticity of the tissue to create more “space” again. This means we get faster results in the clinic than with shockwave alone. After treatment, you can expect less curvature, less pain in the area and increased sexual function. In addition, multiple pieces of fibrosis may require multiple treatments.

In the clinic, I also see more complex cases that require more customized courses tailored to your needs and intensity.

  • It costs from DKK 1,300 per PD Standard treatment, with shockwave and combination of EMTT
  • PD Plus, which is a specially developed protocol, costs DKK 2,000 per treatment and is about 3 times more powerful than PD Standard (learn more in the clinic)
  • The first examination costs DKK 2,400 including an ultrasound scan.

I have 4 types of shockwave available in the clinic. The advantage of having 4 types of shockwave in the clinic is that I can offer you a holistic treatment program, depending on what we find on the scan, so we get the best possible effect and not just have to settle.

Klinik MS Insight uses the best equipment on the market from Storz Medical, Elvation Piezowave and electrohydraulic shockwave.

Peyronie’s disease is a condition involving the development of scar tissue in the penis. The exact cause of Peyronie’s is still unknown, but it is thought to be caused by microscopic tissue damage or inflammation of the connective tissue surrounding the erectile tissues of the penis. This injury can trigger an abnormal healing reaction that leads to the formation of plaque or scar tissue in the penis.

Induratio penis plastica can be likened to an inflammatory condition that typically first presents with pain and tenderness in the penis. It is usually most pronounced when erect during intercourse and can affect your sex drive. It can also lead to Erectile Dysfunction in severe cases

Scar tissue associated with Peyronie’s refers to fibrotic plaque that develops in the penis. Plaque is a thick and hard scar tissue that forms under the skin of the penis. It may feel like a stiff or uneven lump. The plaque is responsible for the curvature or bending of the penis during an erection and can cause pain and sexual dysfunction.

The typical symptoms of Peyronie’s include a curvature or bending of the penis during erection, scar tissue or plaques under the skin, pain during erection and difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection. The curvature can vary in degree, from mild to severe, and can be upward, downward or sideways. Some men also experience loss of penis length or girth.

Peyronie’s disease, which is not congenital, can occur throughout life and can be caused by an autoimmune reaction. Which may be triggered by small injuries to the penis during sexual activity. Thickened, tender nodules form in the tumor bodies, causing pain and discomfort. However, the condition is completely harmless. During the inflammation phase, there is the possibility of reducing pain with shockwave and EMTT, and possibly slowing down the condition.

Whether congenital or acquired later in life, mild penile deviation does not cause any symptoms or pain. The misalignment should only be treated in cases where the degree of misalignment makes sexual intercourse difficult or impossible.

The condition usually progresses in two phases:

  1. The first phase often lasts for a year and is characterized by painful erections, while the penis starts to curve and become deformed
  2. In the second phase, the soreness subsides. Here, the painful areas heal with rigid scar tissue or plaque. The result can be an hourglass-shaped penis when erect or curvature of the penis.

The condition will not heal itself and treatment will be required. Studies have shown that 10% experience improvement after 5-10 years, 40% experience a stable condition and 50% experience worsening over time

Congenital significant penile curvature is relatively rare, affecting less than 1% of men.

In contrast, Induratio penis plastica is not uncommon. The prevalence increases with age, affecting up to 13% of the male population to varying degrees. Not everyone experiences discomfort and it is rare for the condition to be so severe that intercourse with a partner becomes difficult.

As a non-invasive treatment, shockwave is the most effective. However, in severe cases, surgery is currently the most effective treatment and 50-75% of curvatures will be corrected satisfactorily. However, at least one year must pass from the completion of the curvature process until surgery is offered. In the clinic, Michael sees many clients who have already had surgery without the desired result. Here we see an improvement in the condition with shockwave afterwards.

Peyronie’s can be diagnosed through a physical examination of the penis and an assessment of the symptoms. Typically, the penis will be examined in an erect position to assess the degree of curvature and localization of plaque or scar tissue. In addition, further tests such as ultrasound or X-ray may be requested to confirm the diagnosis and evaluate the degree of curvature. At MS Insight, ultrasound is the first examination performed, as it provides the best insight into the impact of the tissue.

To give you even more insight into your health status and to see if there are any risk factors in relation to your general health, an advanced analysis is offered at the first treatment with an InBody770.

The InBody 770 is an advanced body analysis machine used to measure body composition, muscle mass, body fat percentage and much more. This machine is able to provide accurate and detailed measurements, making it suitable for analysis to complement treatment. This can provide an increased qualification of what response to shockwave treatment can be expected in relation to the body’s state of health.

It can also help track progress in training and dietary changes. That’s why I also offer you the option of having new measurements taken in connection with any follow-up treatments after the initial course. Then you can see what effect your lifestyle changes have on your overall health, which affects shockwave results.

A man’s penis is often the source of his self-esteem and who he is. If his self-image is eroding and he feels he has no greater value in who he is or what he can accomplish because his penis doesn’t look the same or perform the same, it can lead to a wide variety of psychological issues. This can manifest as shame and performance anxiety and, in severe cases, depression and stress.

When his self-esteem disappears and he feels inferior, his desire for sex and, in the most severe cases, his ability to have sex can disappear. This will only create a further downward spiral, further affecting self-image and sexual function. For him, this will need to be addressed in order for him to regain successful sexual functioning.

Here, Michael also helps you with the psychological impact of the condition.

Peyronie’s can be a serious condition that can have significant physical and emotional consequences. In addition to physical symptoms such as curvature and pain during erection, Peyronie’s can also affect self-esteem, confidence and sexual function. Men can experience anxiety, stress and reduced sexual satisfaction. It’s important to seek help to get a proper diagnosis and treatment options. At MS Insight, we do a thorough assessment and help you with both physical treatment and guidance on the mental front, so you feel comfortable with the situation.

Peyronie’s can vary in severity and some mild cases can improve or subside over time without specific treatment, but this is only seen in about 10% of cases. However, it’s important to note that Peyronie’s doesn’t usually go away on its own, and treatment may be necessary to relieve symptoms and prevent further progression. However, we know from the studies that we have the largest open window to make a treatment difference within the first 15 months from the first symptoms.

It is recommended to consult a doctor or specialist to assess the situation and recommend appropriate treatment options.

Peyronie’s can in some cases affect the ability to achieve or maintain an erection, which can lead to impotence or erectile dysfunction. The risk of impotence varies and depends on factors such as the severity of the curvature, the presence of pain and any impact on blood flow in the penis. It’s important to speak with a doctor to evaluate and discuss treatment options that can improve sexual function.

Can Peyronie’s worsen over time? Peyronie’s can vary in progression and course. In some people, the condition can worsen over time with increased curvature or the development of additional plaque. In others, the condition may remain stable or even improve over time. It is important to monitor the condition closely and seek treatment if symptoms worsen or affect quality of life. Early intervention and treatment can help minimize the progression of Peyronie’s.

Peyronie’s can affect sexual intercourse by causing pain or discomfort during erection, as well as difficulty with penetration due to curvature or bending of the penis. This can result in physical and emotional challenges for both the person with Peyronie’s and their partner. Communication and openness with one’s partner, as well as seeking support and advice from healthcare professionals, can help manage these challenges and maintain a healthy and fulfilling sexual life.

Yes, Peyronie’s can cause pain, especially during an erection. The pain can vary in intensity and can be caused by both the physical condition of the penis and the emotional and psychological consequences of having Peyronie’s. The pain can have an impact on sexual function, quality of life and emotional well-being. It’s important to talk to a doctor about pain relief and treatment options.