We offer a unique combination treatment with focused and radiating shockwave and EMTT as the only ones in Denmark, to help you to less pain and better function, safely and effectively

When you meet Michael at the clinic, you are in safe hands. Michael specialises in focused shockwave treatment for complex body issues and is an internationally recognised expert. That’s why clients of all ages from all over the Nordic countries come to the clinic for treatment every day.

Michael focuses on your quality of life, and the goal is for you to return to your activities and everyday life as quickly as possible, without pain, and with more function. For this, Michael uses a combination of different shockwave technologies and techniques that work with all the structures of the body. This is due to the unique combination of focused and radiating shockwave, supported by EMTT and laser therapy, which is not seen elsewhere.

A solution is put together that fits your particular problem, especially when you’ve hit your head against the wall elsewhere and don’t fit into the “box” of classic solutions. Michael thinks outside the box, taking shockwave and other technologies to a new level. The best thing is that it is a non-invasive treatment, with no side effects for you as a client.

When using focused shockwave, it is always complemented with ultrasound imaging to ensure that we are working in the right structures. Michael is always at the forefront of the latest technology and studies in the clinic, as the clinic acts as an international reference centre for the manufacturer Storz Medical . Michael teaches both nationally and internationally in the use of shockwave, in various conferences, workshops and webinars.

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Due to the ability of the sound waves to stimulate the pain receptors, we can quickly and effectively reduce your pain, without any side effects.

A normal course of treatment with shockwave right after the injury has occurred will usually require between 3 to 5 treatments. Of course, this depends on the type of injury. If you have a more complex problem or injury that has been in your body for more than 3 months; then you should expect to need somewhere between 6 to 12 treatments, to achieve a lasting result. Whatever the problem, we have the ability to do ultrasound scans in the clinic to complement our clinical examinations and tests. This allows us to target treatment specifically to your problem.

In addition to the highlighted problems, we can generally treat all tissue types such as muscles, tendons, bones, nerves and circulatory system with the combination of focused shockwave. If you are unsure how we can help you, please get in touch so we can guide you to a treatment solution.

In particular, we work with chronic issues where others have previously given up on traditional manual treatment. In addition to classic injuries of the cup, these can also include

We have 2 types of shockwave in the clinic.

A focused shockwave, which is a high-frequency sound wave used on specific and smaller areas to affect cells. When using focused shockwave, we always do an ultrasound scan so we can target the treatment specifically.

A radiating shockwave, which is a pressure wave used to work larger muscle and tissue areas.

The advantage of having 2 types of shockwave in the clinic, we have the ability to offer you a holistic course of treatment. A course that addresses your primary symptoms and pain, whilst allowing us to work globally in the affected muscle chains and areas.

In this way we ensure that we work as effectively on the cause and compensations in the body as we do on the symptom. Both types of shockwave are described in more detail further down the page, for those who would like more information. Should it be necessary to supplement the treatment with laser therapy, we also have the possibility for this.

The MS Insight Clinic works with the best equipment on the market from Storz Medical. Alongside the clinic, Michael works as a trainer for both the Danish importer Secma Medical and the manufacturer Storz in relation to the training of new therapists.

Focused Shockwave Therapy, also known as ESWT (Extracorporeal ShockWaveTherapy), uses high-frequency sound waves “shot” into the damaged tissue via an application head, loosening it. The high-frequency sound waves increase blood flow and the formation of new blood vessels, as well as breaking down calcification in tendons and tissues. At the same time, cells are stimulated to form new collagen fibres, which are found in muscles, tendons, bones and connective tissue.

Focused shockwave treatment also helps to increase the proinflammatory process and stimulate new bone growth. These factors all help to speed up the natural healing process. Therefore, shockwave treatment is also effectively used for fatigue/stress fractures for athletes , allowing a quick return to sport.

Focused shockwave is effective in part because of the intensity of the shockwave and because the energy from the wave can be applied precisely where the damage is. With focused shockwave we can apply the primary energy from 1.5 to 6.5 cm, and there can be a therapeutic effect up to about 12 cm into the tissue.

The treatment itself is carried out by applying a gel to the skin in the desired area and treating it according to predetermined procedures. The treatment feels like pricking and tingling or slight pain. We always adjust the treatment according to your pain threshold, to get the maximum effect, without discomfort for you.

Radiation shockwave therapy, known as rESWT, is performed by generating a shockwave with a projectile in a chamber, which transmits the energy via a transmitter to the skin surface. In this way we can work over larger muscle areas and trigger points, and can effectively reach a depth of about 4-5 cm, with the transmitters we have. In addition, we have a number of special transmitters that can loosen up the small muscles around the back and neck, as well as for the Fascia system (connective tissue) in the body. We use them to create a global treatment of the entire muscle chain to the affected area (symptom).

For example, this can be used to loosen the tendons of the swing, calf and thigh in the case of a heel spur. Radiation shockwave is also an effective treatment for fatigued muscles, associated with hard training and overuse.

Sound waves and pressure waves differ not only in their properties and the way the energy is produced, but also in the protocols used and the therapeutic depths achieved in the tissue.
The effects and therapeutic mechanisms obtained, despite the physical differences and the different applications (superficial or deeper), have certain similarities.

Radial pressure waves, for example, are targeted at the treatment of superficial pain. In the treatment of muscle pain, radial shockwaves can soften muscles and/or fascia before or after the use of focused shockwaves in a more specific area. Local painful areas, chronic tendon problems around the origin of the bone and deep and complex problems, on the other hand, should be treated with focused shock waves.

We also have the possibility to combine the shockwave treatment with the brand new EMTT technology, which provides an increased stimulation of the nervous system and tissue areas around the lesion, as well as an increased release of growth factors, and other building blocks for increased cell quality.

With this combination, we see a higher effect than with shockwave alone. This is also supported by our clients who have previously received shockwave as a standalone.

As a speciality at MS Insight, we also work with the treatment of cerebral palsy with focused shockwave. In this context, we use the focused sound waves to provide increased mobility of the muscles and tissues. This is done by stimulating the nervous system locally in the muscles, to stop reducing the amount of signals from the nerves. In this way, the functions you want to train can be significantly increased.

At the same time we go in and work the different muscle chains, with radiating shockwave to loosen up the connective tissue. With 3 treatments over the course of a month, you achieve a positive effect that lasts for 2-3 months. During this period, you can then work more effectively on training specific functions, and you achieve a reduced pain pattern in everyday life.


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