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Special clinic for shockwave

About the clinic

Opened in 2016, the clinic is a private clinic offering fast access to specialized treatment with shockwave, EMTT and laser therapy, supported by ultrasound scanning.

Therefore, no referral from your doctor is accepted and there is full co-payment for treatment. On the other hand, the waiting time is significantly lower than in the public health system and you get specific solutions tailored to your needs.

Michael who owns the clinic is a specialist in shockwave treatment for urological dysfunctions and complex chronic problems in muscles and joints. He is an internationally recognised expert who advises many companies, doctors and specialists worldwide in the field of shockwave and EMTT technology.

International reference center for shockwave technology, across manufacturers.

Michael is also known from the book The transition men don’t talk about by Manu Sareen, where he contributes as an expert on erection problems, and the documentary, Tilbage på Sporet with Birger Kjærby about Stroke and the following erection problems.

Michael is also a reference and trainer for Danish Secma Medical and American Kinas Medical. And last but not least, he is Clinical Director for the Academy of Shockwave Excellence in the US.

Meet Michael

Michael Strøm

Michael Strøm

Shockwavespecialist & Sexolog

Michael er en international anerkendt ekspert og underviser i shockwave, til behandling af urologiske og komplekse problemstillinger i kroppen. Han sætter fokus på at du får den bedste behandlingsløsning, for at du igen får høj livskvalitet. Hertil bliver det hele udført i et holistisk perspektiv, hvor der er fokus på sammenhæng mellem årsag, funktion og smerte.

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Michaels Vision

Is to be an international beacon in shockwave and EMTT treatment, expanding and pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved with combination treatments for complex body issues in orthopaedic and urological indications.

Therefore, there is a high focus on quality and development of treatment methods in everyday life, and through a strong network of international partners. And the solutions seen in the clinic are not seen anywhere else in Denmark other than the clinics where Michael has taught.


The focus is on enabling you to achieve and maintain a high quality of life through effective specialised treatment.

High quality
Focusing on your goals as we plan your treatment together, whatever they may be.

The client in focus
Ensure professional and effective treatment in the clinic, while training you to take charge of your situation. In this way, you become an active player in the treatment process and your future health.

Professional service
Eksperternes ekspert inden for shockwave, som arbejder aktivt med uddannelse af andre behandlere i hele verden.

Do you have any questions?

The clinic will return as soon as possible, including at weekends.