In the clinic I have one of the most advanced scanners from Sonosite for point of care ultrasound scanning, a Sonostite LX. In a short period of time, I can get images with a clarity never seen before, which helps to uncover the degree of your issue and use it as a basis for choosing a treatment method and scope. I have the ability to check for changes in structures, vessel quality, blood flow, calcifications and I can check for inflammation in tendons, joints and muscles.

I have a wide range of ultrasound probes, which allows me to scan both organs and muscles. Both superficially and in depth.

Unlike other clinics that choose to charge an extra fee for ultrasound scanning, it’s part of the price with me. It is one of my most important tools in diagnosing your issue so that we can target treatment most effectively together. And it shouldn’t cost you extra that I want the best for you and your problem.

Ultrasound scanning

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Facts about ultrasound scanning

  • Injuries to ligaments and tendons
  • Muscle tears
  • Inflammatory conditions in tendons and bursae
  • Calcifications in tendons
  • Irritation around bones
  • Injuries to the meniscus
  • Symptoms of arthritis in joints
  • Possible fatigue fractures of superficial bones in the extremities
  • Carcass quality in swallow eggs
  • Blood flow velocity
  • Bladder emptying ability
  • Tissue quality

Another advantage of ultrasound scanning is that you can scan with your body in motion. This allows us to work more functionally on the couch and get a better insight into what exactly is happening in relation to the pain you are experiencing.

Ultrasound scanning works by sending sound waves (ultrasound) into the body, which bounce back with an image (an echo). Depending on what these sound waves hit, different signals (images) are sent back. These are the images we interpret and use to make the diagnosis.

During the scan, a gel is applied to the skin of the body part to be scanned and the scanner is moved back and forth over the area to be scanned. The audio is then translated into an image on a screen, allowing us to interpret the images in relation to your problem. This is quite harmless.


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