Workshops og seminar Korea Kimes

Back in Copenhagen after a fantastic trip in South Korea with STORZ MEDICAL AG doing workshops and seminars for the local distributor UIC at the KIMES 2023.

We covered different pathologies with the combination of ESWT, rESWT, and EMTT.

Korea is a massive nation of shockwaves, so it was a pleasure meeting skilled doctors and having great debates about technology options.

Andrew and the UIC team were incredible with hosting us.

👀They took us to the highest building in Korea (555) and the 5th tallest in the world
🫕 I had the pleasure of tasting different Korean food and learned how to eat appropriately with sticks 💪
👀They took us to a history lesson about the last dynasty of kings in Korea, and we saw the royal palace.
🇩🇰They made me feel like a rockstar all the way, with all the people that i had to meet and greet.

🤩 Meeting all these new people with UIC was just amazing, and I am already looking forward to visiting again and spreading the word about the combination of the different techniques and machines for enhancing the results of the treatments.

Undervisning Sverige og Norge
Undervisning Sverige og Norge