Shockwave workshops in Doha

Shockwave workshop Doha

Over the weekend, I enjoyed visiting Beamed Trading for two fantastic ESWT workshops in Doha, with many attendees for both days.

About 100 people attended the workshop on orthopedic conditions on the first day.

My main focus was to give a comprehensive insight into the basic science and concepts within shockwave and EMTT.

If you know the basics, you can create more advanced protocols for the clients that don't fit into "the box."

During the day, I had some very nice talks with several attendees, and it was also a pleasure having Dr Aston Ngai from Aspetar attend the day, whom I enjoyed presentations from at the ISMST conference in Prague last year.

On the second day, I focused on my favorite topic, urology, especially erectile dysfunction.

The focus was on when we have the options with ESWT and how we can create a more holistic treatment setting for the client, which will create a long-term effect of the intervention.

We had some excellent debates about expectations and how to tailor the treatments, and I am sure it, for many attendees, will be a game-changer in the approach with ESWT.

Ayman Samaha and his team put up a great setting with STORZ MEDICAL AG and Markus for the workshops, and it was an absolute pleasure working with you again, just like in 2020 in Jordan.

And as a considerable bonus, I had the pleasure of meeting up with an old friend Andreas; there is working on Aspetar سبيتار, so good to see you again.

My next travels are to Sweeden next week for ultrasound training at Västerås hospital Urology clinic, and then back to the USA for The Academy of Shockwave Excellence in July.

Shockwave workshop Doha