New strategic partnerships with Västerås hospital

Great day at Västerås hospital in the urological clinic, helping the leading urologist and urotherapists setting up ESWT for erectile dysfunction, Peyronie’s disease and chronic pelvic pain syndrome.

Currently they have the only clinic in Sweden offering this treatment for patients, they are so lucky.

I had a blast doing the theoretical presentation and then helping seeing patients and talking about the optimal protocols for the specific patients, and looking forward to the continuing cooperation.

I am looking forward to work closer with the team at Västerås, so we together can set new standards for treatments together.

Already looking forward to the next trip up here.

Then the focus will be ultrasound scanning, penile dobler and transrectal examination of the prostate.

I am teaching them the penile dobler, and they will teach me transrectal ultrasound, which will benefit my clients.

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