Michael Strøm, who runs the clinic, was originally trained as a manual therapist. Through courses and specialist training, he has specialised in shockwave treatment for complex body issues and sexual dysfunctions. Here he is one of the country’s leading specialists in male erection problems and peyronies, and treats people from all over the Nordic countries on a daily basis.

Michael is passionate about his work in the clinic, and has a burning desire to break down the taboos that exist in society about men’s sexual dysfunctions in particular. He is also known from the book “The Transition Men Don’t TalkAbout” by Manu Sareen, where he contributes as an expert on erectile dysfunction and the documentary “Back on Track” with Birger Kjærby about Stroke and subsequent erectile dysfunction.

Today he is an internationally recognized shockwave expert and every year he teaches shockwave and EMTT treatment to many different doctors, physiotherapists and other therapists, both in Denmark and abroad. Michael also serves as Clinical Director for the US shockwave education at The Academy of Shockwave excellence.

Michael has previously had a 10-year career in the Danish defense with various assignments, including deployments to international missions.

Qualifications and courses

  • Certified sexologist – Master class in sexology – Joan Ørting sexologskole
  • Basic course sexologist and couple therapist – Joan Ørting sexologskole
  • Knowledge of Pain: Basic Course in Pain Science
  • Knowledge of Pain: Neuroscience and Pain Physiology
  • Correction Academy Workshop on Ultrasound Scanning: Fascier & Connective Tissue
  • Workshop of the Correction Academy on Ultralydsscanning: Shoulder
  • Correction academy workshop in ultrasound scanning: hip and knee
  • Move2Peak Pelvis & UE (40 hours)
  • Move2Peak Columna (40 timer)
  • Move2Peak Shoulder Belt & OE (40 hours)
  • Supersohle Kurs 1 & 3
  • Intermediate/advanced MSK ultrasound examination in lower and upper extremity sports medicine – SMUG UK.
  • Introduction to MSK Ultrasound Imaging in Sports Medicine – Level 1 – SMUG U
  • Kinesio Taping – Basic and Advanced Concepts, by KTA international
  • Correction academy: mobilization/manipulation of the hip, knee and foot.
  • Correction Academy: Mobilization/Manipulation of the Lumbar Spine
  • Correction Academy: Mobilization/manipulation of the SI joint and foot.
  • Correction Academy: Mobilization/manipulation of the thoracic spine and ribs.
  • Academy correction: mobilization/manipulation of cervical joints C3-6 and cervicodorsal junction.
  • Correction Academy: mobilization/manipulation of the shoulder joints, elbow and wrist.
  • Manual therapy – RAH basic course
  • Tendon & Sport 2017, Swiss Association for Sports Physiotherapy, Bern, Switzerland
  • Craniosacral fascia therapy for adults and children – UK
  • Trainingpeaks Universität WKO4 basic
  • RAB Massager- Innowell
  • Sportsterapuet – Sportkropskolen

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Professional achievements

  • Clinical consultant, trainer and reference for Danske Secma Medical since 2017
  • Clinical consultant, trainer and reference for the world’s largest shockwave company Storz Medical from 2019 to 2024
  • Clinical consultant, content creator and trainer for Kinas Medical, USA since 2022
  • Clinical Director, The Academy of Shockwave Excellence, USA 2023

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