We offer effective laser treatment for acute and chronic injuries of the body, focusing on increasing your quality of life and function, reducing your pain, safely and effectively without side effects.

Laser therapy is one of the most effective treatments for acute and chronic injuries available on the market, complementing manual treatment and rehabilitation. Already within the first treatments, you will notice a significant improvement in function and pain level.

Laser treatment stimulates the body’s own processes for accelerated healing. Particularly the ability to effectively reduce pain can be highlighted, due to the impact it delivers to the nervous system. As a bonus, it’s a non-invasive, pain-free treatment. There are no known side effects of laser treatment.

Brief introduction to laser treatment of acute and chronic injuries

Frequent problems we see in the clinic that can be treated with laser therapy

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Facts about laser treatments

Below we have listed some of the classic problems we often see in the clinic. However, this is only a short selection of the total possibilities.

Typical problems Acute back and neck pain, Baker’s cyst, migraines/headaches, tennis and golf elbow, bursitis, wound healing, meniscus fractures and prolapses.

When the worst happens and you are in the acute phase, we have the ability to effectively intervene with daily treatment. The sooner we can get you into treatment, the more we will be able to reduce the duration of your injury.

This is because we can kick-start the healing processes so you can have a more effective rehabilitation. This will be particularly through a reduction in inflammation, swelling and pain. For acute conditions, somewhere between 3-6 treatments will give a really good result.

With more chronic issues, then a higher treatment dose will be needed to achieve a good effect. Therefore, a typical course will be somewhere between 6-12 treatments, depending on the extent of your injury. There will also be issues where more treatments may be required.

For example, in arthritis problems, a treatment frequency may be found that is more maintenance in nature, so that the level of function can be maintained at a reasonable level even if there is an irreversible injury.

For anyone who is passionate or plays sports at a high level, the thought of a long-term injury can be overwhelming. That’s why we work to help you get back to your sport as quickly as possible by starting laser therapy the same day or the day after the injury.

Particularly in the case of fibre tears, twists and sprains, targeted action from the outset can make a big difference to how long it takes before you are ready to resume training and competition. At the clinic, we have ultrasound scanning equipment so we can quickly assess whether you have a fibre tear or just a strain, for example, and then target laser treatment and other interventions accordingly.

Whatever the nature of your problem, the pain from the symptoms will be debilitating and affect your quality of life. In the past, the clinic may not have been able to offer the non-invasive treatment options available today with both laser and shockwave equipment.

For many problems, only medical treatment, blockades or surgery would be available. If you have deeply chronic issues, it could be a knee affected by osteoarthritis. Then you may eventually be faced with the choice of surgery, but with laser treatment we can postpone that decision.

As we work to influence the body’s natural processes, the quality of your tissue also plays a part in the treatment. This means that people who have a healthy lifestyle and exercise regularly will respond better and faster to laser treatment.

The laser light is generated in several ways and with different types of diodes. What determines the effect of the laser light is the construction and use of the right diode. The devices used for treatment are classified in level 3b and level 4.

Level 3b generally delivers up to 0.5 watts per diode, where as the level 4 lasers we use in the clinic deliver 25 to 26 watts in a diode. This means that with a level 4 laser, you can reach up to 8 cm effectively into the tissue.

With the 4 wavelengths our Summus laser has, we can effectively stimulate the following:

  • 650-nm Stimulates surface healing
  • 810-nm Stimulates and increases ATP production in cells
  • 915-nm Stimulates a more efficient release of oxygen to the cells
  • 980-nm Stimulates increased blood circulation

In the clinic, we work with both suppliers and manufacturers of laser equipment, and are thus at the forefront of developments in relation to new protocols for treatment. The clinic has a Summus level-4 laser which has 4 wavelengths and delivers 25 watts. This makes us one of the strongest laser treatment clinics in Copenhagen.

We work directly with Secma medical in relation to the training of therapists in laser treatment and shockwave.


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