You can call directly on 41 40 08 58 or use the contact form. Alternatively, you can use the quick and easy online booking system, which is also our preferred option.

You should be ready to talk about your past problems and medical history. If you have x-rays, MRIs or similar, please bring the descriptions, as well as a list of medications you are taking.

Usually we have emergency times that you can get to within 12 to 24 hours, but that also means you have to be flexible with the time you get, as it can be the middle of the day. Treatment outside of normal opening hours is charged at double the normal rate.

No, we do not take referrals from doctors, so the clinic is open to anyone who needs treatment.

No, the clinic offers specialised treatment solutions outside of health insurance coverage.

The clinic performs different types of treatments, some of which may be covered by your insurance and others will be co-payments. We recommend that you talk to your therapist and your insurance company about which services may be covered by insurance. In addition, before the treatment starts, please note that it is an insurance treatment, in order to get the correct receipts.

The number of treatments depends on the problem and the individual client. After a thorough initial examination, you will be informed about the possibility of treatment and its scope. But most of our clients we help within 3-12 treatments.

You can pay by mobile payment or cash in the clinic, we do not accept debit cards and all treatment is settled at the end of treatment. No credit is given. Prepaid courses in connection with package solution or discount, are not refunded if the course is not completed.

Cancellations must be made by 17:00 the day before. In case of late cancellation/no-show, the full price of the consultation will be charged. Cancellations can only be made via the booking system or to michael@msinsight.dk, Cancellations via voicemail will not be accepted.

You need to bring the shoes you want to have the soles made for. Otherwise, we cannot make a sole that fits, as there may be a difference between the size of the shoe and the sole.

There is free parking for 3 hours in front of the clinic on Eliasgade or at Nyrnberggade, remember to leave your parking disc. It is not allowed to keep in the yard, as this is private.

Can we help you?

The clinic will return as soon as possible, including at weekends.