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We halve the injury period after broken collarbone by 50% with shockwave and laser treatment

A fractured collarbone can result from a direct blow to the collarbone or impact to the shoulder from the side, and of course fall injuries. Man ser det ofte i forbindelse med cykelstyrt eller fald fra en hest, at kravebenet brækker grundet den store eksterne kraft der kommer ved kontakt med underlaget.

To get the best possible effect, it is recommended to start treatment as soon as possible after the accident. We can treat from day 1, and also the day after a possible operation. When we treat a broken collarbone, we use a combination of shockwave and level 4 laser. At the same time, we perform an ultrasound scan to identify the fracture zone so we can target treatment effectively. With this combined treatment, we get stimulated bone growth and pain relief, while we get increased circulation and supply of nutrients. Separately, laser and shockwave can have a positive effect on healing, but combined we see a much better effect. We have previously seen that the use of focused shockwave and laser can reduce healing time to half of normal.

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FAQ about broken collarbone

A normal course of treatment with focused shockwave and laser for a broken collarbone will last 3-8 weeks. This of course depends on how quickly the bone heals, whether surgery has been performed and a hook or splint inserted. And last but not least, how you respond to treatment. If you practice contact sports, you should wait 2-4 months before resuming the sport to make sure it has fully healed.

The exact interval between combined treatment with shockwave and laser will be about 3-7 days. At the same time, we can schedule a number of self-service laser treatments during the week to further speed up the process.

Whatever type of fracture we are talking about, the best treatment is to get started already after 1-2 days. This way, we kick-start your body’s processes right from the start, so you can get back to everyday activities as soon as possible. It will also apply after an operation, it is completely harmless.

Focused shockwave is high-frequency sound waves that stimulate cells to form new osteroblasts and collagen fibres. The building blocks are found in bone and connective tissue, and in this way can contribute to the formation of new bone tissue.

This is the primary reason why we choose this approach to treatment. In addition, it increases blood flow, the formation of new blood vessels and increases the proinflammatory process. These factors all help to speed up the natural healing process of a broken collarbone. However, this does not replace the need for respite and rehabilitation.

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As soon as the pain allows movement of the shoulder, rehabilitation begins. This is done to prevent the muscles in the area from “locking up”, while increasing circulation in the area, and not least maintaining mobility in the shoulder joint to avoid an unnecessarily long and complicated course of fractured collarbone. We would like to see this implemented after the first week, if it is feasible given the pain. It is also around here that you can stop using the arm sling.

Full range of motion shoulder movement and normal exercise should only begin once the fracture has healed. The rehabilitation process will focus on exercises, mobilisation and manual treatment of the surrounding structures to ensure the best and fastest results.

Usually the fracture will be relieved with the help of a sling and this will not require any surgery. But if it’s a complicated fracture and there are many fractures of the clavicle, you can go in to operate and insert a splint so that the clavicle doesn’t grow together incorrectly and can damage surrounding structures.


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