Client selection for erectile dysfunction

The power of saying no...

Getting shockwave treatment for erectile dysfunction is becoming increasingly popular, but many also see it as a quick fix for their general problems.

But shockwave isn't the solution for everyone, especially with underlying co-morbidities and general health problems.

A good example could be like this. Male, that can't walk 500 meters without being exhausted; getting various types of medication for cardiovascular diseases and cholesterol and has an enlarged prostate that's not corresponding to his age.

He is not interested in changing his lifestyle, so his general condition will change; he wants the shockwave to make everything all right.

In a case like this, you will set you self up to fail the treatment course, and in the end, the client will be disappointed because the treatment will not meet expectations.

So the key is proper diagnostic and patient selection, and then shockwave will be highly efficient as a solution to different types of vascular ED. It is not a quick fix but a part of a solid holistic solution. They need to be active in the solution and not just passively receive the treatments.

Erectile dysfunction

Shockwave workshops in Doha

Shockwave workshop Doha

Over the weekend, I enjoyed visiting Beamed Trading for two fantastic ESWT workshops in Doha, with many attendees for both days.

About 100 people attended the workshop on orthopedic conditions on the first day.

My main focus was to give a comprehensive insight into the basic science and concepts within shockwave and EMTT.

If you know the basics, you can create more advanced protocols for the clients that don't fit into "the box."

During the day, I had some very nice talks with several attendees, and it was also a pleasure having Dr Aston Ngai from Aspetar attend the day, whom I enjoyed presentations from at the ISMST conference in Prague last year.

On the second day, I focused on my favorite topic, urology, especially erectile dysfunction.

The focus was on when we have the options with ESWT and how we can create a more holistic treatment setting for the client, which will create a long-term effect of the intervention.

We had some excellent debates about expectations and how to tailor the treatments, and I am sure it, for many attendees, will be a game-changer in the approach with ESWT.

Ayman Samaha and his team put up a great setting with STORZ MEDICAL AG and Markus for the workshops, and it was an absolute pleasure working with you again, just like in 2020 in Jordan.

And as a considerable bonus, I had the pleasure of meeting up with an old friend Andreas; there is working on Aspetar سبيتار, so good to see you again.

My next travels are to Sweeden next week for ultrasound training at Västerås hospital Urology clinic, and then back to the USA for The Academy of Shockwave Excellence in July.

Shockwave workshop Doha

New strategic partnerships with Västerås hospital

Great day at Västerås hospital in the urological clinic, helping the leading urologist and urotherapists setting up ESWT for erectile dysfunction, Peyronie’s disease and chronic pelvic pain syndrome.

Currently they have the only clinic in Sweden offering this treatment for patients, they are so lucky.

I had a blast doing the theoretical presentation and then helping seeing patients and talking about the optimal protocols for the specific patients, and looking forward to the continuing cooperation.

I am looking forward to work closer with the team at Västerås, so we together can set new standards for treatments together.

Already looking forward to the next trip up here.

Then the focus will be ultrasound scanning, penile dobler and transrectal examination of the prostate.

I am teaching them the penile dobler, and they will teach me transrectal ultrasound, which will benefit my clients.

Undervisning Sverige

Chicago shockwave workshop

Last weekend, I had the privilege of conducting my very first workshop as the clinical director of The Academy of Shockwave Excellence in Chicago, and I have to say, it was an amazing experience! The team of instructors and staff that I had the pleasure of working with were exceptional, and without their help and dedication, the workshop wouldn't have been such a resounding success.

The participants of the workshop were some of the most motivated and dedicated practitioners that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. They were eager to learn and ready to put in the hard work necessary to enhance their skills and knowledge. The workshop focused on highly practical shockwave training, with the aim of equipping attendees with skills that they could apply immediately upon returning to their clinics on Monday morning.

During the workshop, we emphasized the importance of applying the correct pressure and choosing the most suitable transmitter for the client's needs. We also emphasized the importance of tailoring the intensity of the treatment to the client's needs, rather than pushing them to the maximum. We strongly encouraged attendees to use their shockwave devices every day to practice and master the skills they had learned during the workshop.

I am already eagerly looking forward to the next workshop, which is scheduled to begin on July 28th in Las Vegas. I am confident that this workshop will be just as successful as the last one, and I can't wait to work with a new group of motivated practitioners to enhance their skills and knowledge. I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of such an exceptional organization, and I am excited about the future of The Academy of Shockwave Excellence.

Undervisning Chicago

7 years anniversary for MS Insight

🎉🍾Today I am celebrating 7 years with MS Insight, my own business. And I simply love what I do every day.🇩🇰🇩🇰🇩🇰🇩🇰🇩🇰🇩🇰🇩🇰

The dream on April 1st, 2016 was to create a setup, with the individual human being in focus. Creating treatment solutions there would ensure a quick return to play when the injury occurred.

Today the clinic is something else regarding the core business and treatment type. But the focus is still to provide the optimal solution, tailored to the specific case and requirements for each client.

Today my work is all about doing shockwave therapy in an advanced setting and being a part of educational activities within shockwave technology all over the world.

I am finding great pleasure in having a global impact on shockwave therapy, for many professionals and their patients due to the many workshops I do. It makes me proud and humbled to have the opportunity.

I have been lucky to have some great mentors and support from the beginning, which has made a huge impact on where I am today. For that, I will always be grateful.

What I learned and would like to pass on:

🔥All in or all out, there are no quick solutions to having a successful business

💪Sorround yourself with the right people, if someone is dragging you down, cut them loose.

👀That also applies to “bad” ideas or concepts, if it doesn't work, then adjust, change, or dismantle. “Kill you darlings”

🫵 Believe in yourself, invest in technology, education, and make your own brand stand out, even when people try to cut you down.

🙏And most important.

Being your own boss requires guts and passion. The road to success is a long and bumpy ride, but when you get it, then the struggle, the doubt, the sleepless nights, are worth everything.

⭐️Remember, it is about the journey and not the end goal.

Therefore I am constantly pushing myself, with new ideas, concepts, and opportunities to grow my impact on my clients and partners.

I am looking forward to continuing the awesome journey, with great adventures to come.

Michael Strøm MS Insight

Workshops og seminar Korea Kimes

Back in Copenhagen after a fantastic trip in South Korea with STORZ MEDICAL AG doing workshops and seminars for the local distributor UIC at the KIMES 2023.

We covered different pathologies with the combination of ESWT, rESWT, and EMTT.

Korea is a massive nation of shockwaves, so it was a pleasure meeting skilled doctors and having great debates about technology options.

Andrew and the UIC team were incredible with hosting us.

👀They took us to the highest building in Korea (555) and the 5th tallest in the world
🫕 I had the pleasure of tasting different Korean food and learned how to eat appropriately with sticks 💪
👀They took us to a history lesson about the last dynasty of kings in Korea, and we saw the royal palace.
🇩🇰They made me feel like a rockstar all the way, with all the people that i had to meet and greet.

🤩 Meeting all these new people with UIC was just amazing, and I am already looking forward to visiting again and spreading the word about the combination of the different techniques and machines for enhancing the results of the treatments.

Undervisning Sverige og Norge
Undervisning Sverige og Norge

Workshop shockwave Romania

Saturday, I had the chance to add a new country to places I have visited doing shockwave education with STORZ MEDICAL AG 💪

Forty participants joined Amistim Romania shockwave academy, where I did a full-day workshop focusing on the wide range of ESWT indications.🔬

We discussed ESWT for orthopedics, urology, and non-healing wounds and how to optimize the parameters for the different areas.

And, of course, a photo shoot with some attending clinics and specialists afterward.

The day before the workshop, I had the opportunity to walk around a bit around Bucharest and see some of the beautiful historical buildings. 😎

Thank you for having me, and I look forward to visiting again for new workshops and events.

Undervisning Sverige og Norge

EMTT webinar for Greece

What is EMTT?

What kind of mechanism is being put in place?

What are the indications and experiences from one of the world's first users of EMTT in 2020?

Listen to the talk from Michael here

ESSM 2023

Fantastisk at blive opdateret på området for erektil dysfunktion og Peyronies sygdom på
European Society for Sexual Medicine - ESSM 2023 kongres i Rotterdam.

Meget inspireret af de flotte foredrag og samtalerne i pauserne. 🤩

Det er også afslutningen på en uge med at rejse med undervisning i shockwave i Norge og Sverige, møde spændende mennesker og skabe nye muligheder.💪

Med kongressens indhold er jeg fyldt med inspiration til at optimere klinikkens protokol for ED og PD.💡

Især inden for penis-dobler ultralyd, som bliver ekstremt spændende. Hvis du deltager i workshoppen med Secma i Vejle i marts, vil du klart blive forkælet.🎉

Tak fordi Markus og Sandra fra STORZ MEDICAL AG tog sig af mig og betroede mig med valget af restaurant⭐️

Nu er det tilbage mod København for at hjælpe mange kunder i næste uge.


Undervisning i shockwave/EMTT i Sverige og Norge

Undervisning i Sverige og Norge med to intense workshops i shockwave og EMTT med Medema Physio AB og STORZ MEDICAL AG. Hvad observerede jeg?

Shockwave er en kunstform, der kræver en masse træning og hands-on.

Du skal kende videnskaben, men at lære al videnskaben garanterer ikke, at du ved, hvordan du anvender den. Derfor giver det mening for klinikere at komme med i mere praktisk uddannelse generelt.

Derfor er det en fornøjelse at lave workshops som denne, med fremragende interaktioner og spørgsmål fra publikum. Det får mig til at smile sidst på dagen.

Så hvad gjorde vi?
✅ Indikationer og kontraindikationer ved brug af ESWT/EMTT
✅ Hvornår skal udstyret bruges ved hjælp af en nem protokol
✅ De fysiske principper for hver teknologi
✅ Hvad grundforskning i ESWT og EMTT viser
✅ Højt niveau af praktisk anvendelse

Tak til Helena, Helena, Thomas, Katarina og resten af holdet for at lave sådan et fremragende sted for mig at undervise begge steder. Og Ai Phi Thuy Ho og Kasper Sass Kierkegaard for at være en god del af den praktiske applikationsudstilling i Norge.

Jeg vil nu, de næste to dage, deltage i ESSM School of Sexual Medicine-konferencen i Rotterdam med Sandra og Markus, med fokus på erektil dysfunktion, Peyronies og meget mere. Jeg ser frem til gode diskussioner og foredrag.

Undervisning Sverige og Norge